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Do you want better HEALTH? 

Do you want more abundant WEALTH?  


This fun, interactive event is designed to help you LEARN about the 3 pillars of Health, Wealth and Longevity. We will then take you on a deep dive into the one aspect that's easiest and most impactful to support your health and detoxification straight away ..... Pure, Clean and 'Alive' Water! 70% ... it’s how much of us is made of water and how much of the planet is covered in it. We are literally surrounded (and made up of!) water.... Yet most of us don’t know the power behind true hydration and how to unleash a new level of wellbeing by optimising our hydration and alkalinity.  

Did you know that the water you are drinking could be killing you slowly, instead of filling you with vitality!!??

Most People Know HYDRATION Is Important (We are Told to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day!)… Yet most people don't know that not all water is created equally, which drastically alters your state of living, your ability to fight off disease and the overal quality of your existance!

What are you putting into your body??

Literally everything from your metabolic process to your immunity, mood, mindset, energy, skin, and disease resistance is affected positively (& negatively) by what you choose to eat and drink!  

If you want to know how to eat and drink in a way that supports a healthy, lean body that’s humming with vitality... come join us for one of these FREE Hydration & Alkalinity Workshops.  


Bring a friend who’s looking to become even more energised and awakened within their body mind and soul. Education is paramount and you don't know what you don't know. So come and learn how to improve your life, simply by knowing how to drink better quality water.  


That will totally transform your life!  

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Ashley Schaffer ~ Drinking the right water has done some crazy things with my family! My daughter (7months) has suffered extremely bad indigestion/Acid reflux AND constipation to the point where I couldn’t feed her baby food or cereal because she couldn’t pass it without excruciating pain 😣 I was just giving her formula, which I have changed several times thinking it was the formula causing all of this pain🤔 👨‍⚕️ the doctor said to give her prune juice everyday, (sorry but that’s torture, no one just drinks prune juice 😂 gross) she hated it !!  

🚨🚨 I CHANGED ONE THING!🚨🚨💧Her water! Her indigestion and acid reflux has fact she rarely ever even spits up 💜 AND she has regular, pain free bowel movements 😍 AND I’m able to feed her baby food with cereal and regular formula 🙌🏽  

"Within 48 hours of drinking 'the right' water, my mouth sores were totally gone and for the first time I could eat and drink by mouth. The Doctors were in awe of my progress and thus stopped all my cancer drugs and treatment within 4 weeks."

"From 3 months to cancer free. I believe in 'the right' water more than anything else. It has aided in my recovery and I will drink it everyday for the rest of my life. It works for me. I am Living Proof."

At Live N.O.W. You will gain Knowledge from experts around:  

  • Scientific Secrets to Health that the "Powers that Be" DON'T want you to Know 
  • How to Rid Your Body of Disease and Health Issues Once and For All 
  • How to Properly Hydrate your Entire Body so your Cells are Buzzing with Life!  
  • The Cutting Edge of Research into Detoxification and Cellular Health  
  • Alkalinity vs Acidity and Why this is Essential to Understanding Combating Disease  
  • How to Tell if your Water is Dead or Alive - and What This Means for Your Life and Longevity!  


  • LIVE DEMONSTRATONS to Show You the Shocking Truth About the Water and Liquids You Are Drinking and What They Are Doing to You - See the Evidence For Yourself (Bring Your Normal Water We Can Test it LIVE Right In Front of You!) 

What about Abundant Wealth You Ask!!??

Day by Day in EVERY way, many people who attent the Live N.O.W. Event are getting more abundantly wealthy just by applying what they learn at this FREE Event and taking Action!  

Our Live N.O.W. community love being a part of this Tribe because It's FUN, it makes MONEY and HELPS other people to totally transform their lives with optimum health. When you come from this place you can achieve all the financial abundance and freedom in your life you desire.

Making thousands of dollars in one day and 6 or even 7 figures a year like many of our community has is totally achieveable for anyone with a desire and a passion to succeed. That includes you!  

With the right knowledge, guidance and drive anyone can do this. We believe in multiple streams of income. We believe in passive income. We believe in working to supporting others to rise. We believe there is no such thing as competition, just collaboration. Remember, it is ok to make money, it is ok to share your wins, and it is ok to authentically show others how they can do the same. This is what we will be sharing with you at the Live N.O.W. Event.  

Our products deliver visible results and majour health turn arounds and are based on cutting-edge science - all centered around water, which is the fastest growing segments in the exploding health and wellness industry. EVERYBODY on the planet needs clean water, and with the ever declining quality of our environment, solutions need to be found fast. This technology is available to you now. 

You can massivly capitalise on this global need right now and start earning an income in a way you never even knew was possible.

At the Live N.O.W. Event we will show you everything with total trasparentcy so you can see how you can simply apply this new income stream to your life.  

Liam, aged 21 from London made over £100,000 in the last year!

Marina Perry ~ I am passionate about health, happiness and heartfulness, and everyone getting a little more of all of those in their life. Which is why I am so excited to be a part of the Live N.O.W. Events. On the financial side I made AU$1,460 in one day, with many other financial wins along the way! 

See you at the Brisbane event!

Anthony Tan~ After working for the exclusive Fashion Brand ‘Burberry' for the last 10 years, I was introduced to this technology 2 yrs ago, I’ve now been able to make 4 times what I used to earn at Burberry. One month in 2018 I was even able to earn £40,000 in a single month! I have gone from working 9-5 or crazy hours, to now being able to see my family more often and travel round the world at will. My wife and I are seeing our children grow up, helping others gain more time & financial freedom and leading a healthy life we all truly desire.  

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That will totally transform your life!  

Australia and Live Online Tour dates

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