MASTER your Body, Mind and Spirit so your magnifying energy enters a room before you do and draws positive, influential people to you so you can manifest anything you want. 

Are you ready to Uplevel your life in all areas!? 


What can you expect by joining this program?

~ A magnifying energy that attracts the right people to you.

~ Get Your Health Back on Track.

~ Gain the confidence you need to get what you want out of life.

~ The mindset you need to lose any unwanted weight.

~ Increase Your Energy with the right food.

~ Learn how to act like a lady and take action like a boss!

7 Days to a Sexier You is way more than just 'being sexy' 

You may notice that women who exude sexiness and get what they want in life, come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and can be as different as chalk and cheese. However, they all have one thing in common, and that is the self-love and confidence in themselves to look in the mirror and love what they see. 

So if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, sluggish or like you just need a flush out and an inspirational kick up the butt, then you have come to the right place!



I have gathered some brilliant experts to bring you the best advice in all the following areas.

Marina Perry ~ CEO of Pure Health Clubs

Marina has energy to burn!! Just being around her will make you sexier! She will be showing us how to work out in a fun and enjoyable way that is suitable for any level of fitness.

Organic Sol Cleanse Juice

Miriam Ter Borg, creator of Sol Cleanse Juices has some yummy recipes for a juice fast to cleanse and detoxify your body. Sol Cleanse Juie are 100% Organic.

Skip archimedes ~ Yoga

As an International Speaker, in the area of health and nutrition. Skip runs events and retreats focusing on the mind body and spirit. Skip will share with you a soulful yoga routine.


I'm Going To Show You The Key Things I Do To Manifest Anything I Want And Live A Life By My Design. Here Are A Few Key Areas:

Morning Routine

One of the most important daily processes in my life. My morning routine keeps me happy, healthy and on track in life. Many great leaders and successful people around the world have a morning routine. Create yours today!

Master Your Mindset

Knowing your purpose. Having passion for life and mastering the mindset to get you there. Having the ability to pick yourself up and carry on even when set backs happen and fears creep in. This is the difference between success and failure and is your ability to carry on.


You will recieve a live activation meditation, recorded with myself and professional singer Kate Leopold, from Leopold's Teat. 

Recorded at a live event. 


Lastly, but definitely not least, you will receive a detailed guide to set your very own 'Excitement Targets'. This is my version of goal setting, because when you write down the things that you desire in life, you have got to be excited about them or they are never going to happen. This is the way I have been able to gain so much of what I desire in my life.


Hey Beauty, I'm Michelle Scott Wilson, and maybe you shouldn't listen to me.... but you have made it this far down the page so I guess I am speaking to a part of you that is resonating in some way! xx 

I am the founder of Milada Sanctuary, a retreat centre in the Gold Coast’s hinterland and have land in Fiji and New Zealand to continue with the vision of multiple sanctuaries around the world. I also have a personal coaching and speaking practice and run events and retreats globally.

Through my events and retreats I support Conscious Entrepreneurs to build a life by design and ensure balance in all areas of health, wealth and wellbeing.

My philosophy is all based around an organic way of living and thriving. There is a better way of being human and you will find it at my events and retreats and in my programs.

In my 20’s I built one of New Zealand’s well-known designer fashion brands, with 3 stores of our own and stockists throughout the country, also holding fashion shows at NZ Fashion Week to audiences between 500 and 1000 people. 

I've won business grants and 6 figure sponsorship deals while in the fashion industry before following my heart into the world of personal development, business and lifestyle coaching. I am always integrating new change work into my teaching to remain on the precipice of the latest change work available to support my clients.

I love yoga, adventure, and spending time on the beach with my two beautiful little Pomeranians. 

Now I'm not saying I don't have my challenges in life, because I definitely do, however, I manage to manifest pretty much what ever I desire in life and I put it down to many of the things I share with you in this 7 Day program. So I hope you learn, love and grow to manifest all the amazing things that YOU desire! ENJOY!xx

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, if you are sick of living a mediocre life in certain areas, and if you are ready to start kicking butt in this amazing journey of life and start manifesting like a MOFO, then click the button now. 

For a small price you will get so much reward. I wanted to make this affordable for many many people, because I know not everyone can afford to attend my luxury retreats or become a private client, so this is my way of sharing the love. 

Why isn't it free you may ask?? Well I have found that when people pay, they pay attention. You are much more likely to actually complete this program, just for the simple fact that you have paid for it. So you can thank me at the end when you see the results for yourself.

Get Ready To Walk Into A Room And Be A Positive Magnet Of Mass Abundance! 

Marlies ~ Scientist, Animal Activist

Leanne ~ Mother, Business Owner


With All The Experts I have Gathered To Contribute To This Program The total value is $800!! But I'm not going to have you pay anywhere near that.....

As I said, I want to make this affordable so that many, many people can benefit from the life changing processes, life skills, workouts and Mind Set Mastering techniques that myself and the other amazing ladies here have to offer!

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